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February Update

Level Loading

The level loader reads the json that was stored by the level generator and loads the level objects that surround the player at runtime.


Each time the player encounters a new celestial object, they unlock a sticker. There are a number of stickers to collect, and they can all be seen in the sticker gallery. If the player selects a sticker they learn more about the celestial object, from definitions to fun facts.

My Space

Players can build their own corner of the universe by simply dragging and dropping unlocked celestial objects into the canvas, which they can then share with the world. The celestial objects are unlocked each time the player collects the respective sticker. This space also doubles up as an area where unlocked pets and characters live.

World Cutscene

We’ve expanded on the story by introducing a celestial being called Celeste, who guides the player throughout their journey. A dialogue system has also been created, which will be used throughout to highlight the story and aid the player. A world unlock cutscene has been added to animate this achievement.

January Update

Procedural Level Generator

The generator creates an entire level and stores all data in a json which can be read at runtime to create the level within a certain area, around the player. 

World & Level UI

The World UI shows the player the worlds within the game, including information related to each world.

The Level UI shows the player the levels within a world, including information related to each level. 

World 1 Soundtrack

World 1 features 4 tracks. 

We’ve gone with the same instrumentation throughout to maintain a consistent theme for the world.  

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